AI Assistants for Better Primary Care

We save doctors time and help them get paid more for the work they are already doing

More comprehensive care

Expand clinical capacity with an AI-powered medical assistant

On average, a patient speaks for eleven seconds before being interrupted by their clinician. Patients have more to say, but clinicians are so overburdened they don't have the time or resources to listen.

Unlimited time to share.

Close care gaps by giving patients unlimited time to share about their situation before a visit  

Truth seeking with empathy.

Our medical assistant outperforms the average clinician on empathy and bedside manner.

Equitable outcomes. 

Multilingual support and universal access ensures that no patient is left behind.

Happier doctors, better care

We save doctors time and help them get paid more for the work they are already doing

Pre-appointment interviews are just the beginning. Our AI medical assistant offloads much of the work that clinicians dislike and drafts billing documentation to reduce under-coding.

Pre-popuated note. 

Complete 75% of the medical note before the patient arrives at the office.

Patient summary.

Summarize the patient's history and reason for visit with references to the patient's conversation with the AI medical assistant.

SDOH screening.

Insights into the patient's social determinants of health along with flags for relevant updates.

Billing management. 

Pre-draft billing documentation, reducing under-coding of evaluation and management visits by 22%

Raw Transcripts.

Provide the source transcript of the pre-appointment interview so the clinician can reference the source.

HIPAA Compliance.

You own your data. We sign BAAs with all of our infrastructure providers to enforce the highest end-to-end security standards.